Month: August 2020

You’re invited to a Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Conference

This is an invitation to anyone who is involved (or WANTS to be involved) in Publishing or Media: writing, editing, music, filmmaking, marketing, podcasting, fiction, nonfiction, you name it. The Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association has an annual conference, and I have worked a LOT behind the scenes to help them transition to a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE this year. (I think I have an honorary degree in Zoom now.) So you can attend from anywhere!
There are keynote presentations by Brandon Mull, Bruce and Marie Hafen, The Bonner Family, and Hilary Weeks (aren’t they cool?!), PLUS a whole lot of great workshops and breakout sessions by smart and wonderful people.
Go to their website: to check out all their offerings, and if you register quickly, you can use the code on this handy-dandy badge they made me (with a picture that tricks you into thinking I’m 8 years younger) to get a 50% DISCOUNT.