You’re invited to a Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Conference

This is an invitation to anyone who is involved (or WANTS to be involved) in Publishing or Media: writing, editing, music, filmmaking, marketing, podcasting, fiction, nonfiction, you name it. The Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association has an annual conference, and I have worked a LOT behind the scenes to help them transition to a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE this year. (I think I have an honorary degree in Zoom now.) So you can attend from anywhere!
There are keynote presentations by Brandon Mull, Bruce and Marie Hafen, The Bonner Family, and Hilary Weeks (aren’t they cool?!), PLUS a whole lot of great workshops and breakout sessions by smart and wonderful people.
Go to their website: ldspma.org to check out all their offerings, and if you register quickly, you can use the code on this handy-dandy badge they made me (with a picture that tricks you into thinking I’m 8 years younger) to get a 50% DISCOUNT.

New Book on Its Way!

At this time last year, I “finished” writing a manuscript and submitted it for publication. It was a workbook for completing President Nelson’s challenge to study everything about Jesus Christ in all 58 subheadings of the Topical Guide in the scriptures. The stars didn’t quite align, and it didn’t end up going to press, so I changed gears and pursued self-publishing with the help of a designer, Jeannie McLaughlin Co.‚Äč. It has been a lot of work to learn how navigate the self-publishing world, and I’ve kept sharing little teasers with you that we’re getting really close to publishing it. The workbook has really evolved into an awesome product that I’m proud of.

But, just in this last week, I found out that I had misunderstood a rule about permissions, and it threw a real wrench in the progress of the book. I panicked. (I might have cried, hypothetically.) I went back to my original publisher and asked them if they would please take a second look at the book. They did, and I found out that they have accepted it for publication! They are hoping to get it into stores by October general conference. I’m so excited that when I tell you “it’s coming soon,” it really is this time.

Whew, man, this publishing roller coaster is not for the weak of heart. Thanks for being supportive enough of the ideas I shared here to give me courage to keep moving forward on it.

Here’s a sneak peak of a few pages throughout. I’m submitting it this week and it heads to press quickly. If all goes as planned, Learn of Me should be in bookstores this September.



Roles, Revelation, and Grace

Twenty years ago this month, President Gordon B. Hinckley presented “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” for the first time. To celebrate, a handful bloggers are hosting two weeks of posts about the doctrine of the family. [More info here.]

I was invited to contribute as a guest blogger, so I slipped out of my writing sabbatical and hit the keyboard with my testimony of personal revelation and grace in helping me find my own place in God’s plan. I addressed how sometimes our own reality is at odds with prophetic counsel regarding family, but peace and confidence can come as we understand the doctrine and seek Heavenly Father’s will for us personally. You can find the post here: http://www.cranialhiccups.com/2015/09/roles-revelation-and-grace.html


Third time’s the charm?

blog announcement

I blogged for about a year in 2008 and then my blog disappeared. Truly. Trust me, it was tragic.

Then I blogged for about 5 more years at Diapers and Divinity and, man, that was good times.

But then my kids weren’t in diapers anymore, and I had begun writing books and teaching college classes part-time, so the blog fizzled and it was time to do something else for a while.

Now, I’m taking a break from teaching and I feel like I need a place for my words again. I’m dabbling in new book ideas, and sometimes I have more to say (or process) than there’s room for Continue reading