New Come Follow Me Show

I will be co-hosting a new show at Book of Mormon Central’s YouTube channel with Marianna Richardson. “Come Follow Me: Act in Doctrine” will release every Wednesday, starting on December 23, 2020. Marianna and I will discuss the scripture block for each week by sharing our favorite takeaways, hearing from guests, and challenging one another to apply the the things we’ve learned.

Join us by subscribing to the channel or the playlist for the show. You can also visit this page for updated links to individual episodes. Here’s a peek at our welcome video:

Meet the hosts of “Come Follow Me: Act in Doctrine”


Fun in the time of coronavirus

Coronavirus: Zoom is in everyone's living room - how safe is it ...I did some research and found some fun ways that we can connect with extended family and friend groups over Zoom or other videoconference apps. Here’s a list of games/activities you could do to stay in touch, reach out to people, and enjoy people’s company.

Pictionary (with Zoom whiteboard feature), can also use a random word generator for ideas of what to draw https://randomwordgenerator.com/pictionary.php

Yahtzee—all participants print out a score sheet and take turns rolling dice.

Bingo—use these sites to print out boards https://myfreebingocards.com/

and draw numbers. https://letsplaybingo.io/

Boggle—share this site on a screen and everyone writes down words against the timer. https://www.puzzle-words.com/boggle-4×4/

Jackbox Drawful— Through April 11, 2020, Jackbox Games is offering Drawful 2 is free if you download it with the Steam code here. The game is similar to Pictionaryexcept you and your friends will be challenged with ridiculous drawing prompts such as “cotton candy hair” or a “creepy tiger.” https://shop.jackboxgames.com/collections/steam-codes/products/drawful-2

Homemade Trivia— A fun, interactive idea is to use an application such as TriviaMaker.com to create your own trivia games.

Or Random Triviahttp://www.randomtriviagenerator.com/

Risk—multiplayer game (don’t need Zoom, but need a Steam account). https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128810/RISK_Global_Domination/

Variety of online card gameshttps://www.cardzmania.com/games/

Pandemic—just in case real life isn’t entertaining enough.  https://www.asmodee-digital.com/en/pandemic/

Heads Up—just need the app on your phone so you can show clues to each other. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/heads-up/id623592465

Scattergories—Here are the lists http://scattergorieslists18.blogspot.com/ Just pick a letter and set the timer.

Scribbi.io—like a virtual Pictionary https://skribbl.io/

Read My Lips–To play Read My Lips, have the person who is “it” turn off their microphone. They will then say a series of words in a given amount of time while everyone else reads their lips and writes down what they think they’re saying. The person with the most correct guesses is the obvious winner.

Last Letter–If you’d like to keep your brain sharp during this time of social distancing, play Last Letter with your friends. All you need to do is choose a category — ’90s movies, flowers, states, colors, etc. — and say a word within that category. The next person will say a word that starts with the last letter of your word, and on and on you’ll go until someone comes up blank. That person will then sit out the next round. Keep playing until only one player is left standing.


Raid your cupboard— Some of your board/party games might adapt, especially if both parties have it and can use parts on their end: Look through them and be creative.

Living Prophets Summer School

This summer, my poor children are being forced to take the college class I teach at BYU [homeschool version]. I’m posting their reading schedule here just because I needed a place where they can access the links.

To all who inadvertently receive this in their inbox (due to a long-neglected blog subscription), feel free to either ignore it or steal it for your own use. Happy Summer Reading!



TLP Chapter 1: Our Need for Living Prophets 

(TLP= Teachings of the Living Prophets Student Manual)

“The Doctrine of Christ” by Elder Christofferson

Why living prophets matter
   TLP Chapter 2: The Living Prophet: The President of the Church

(including the 14 Fundamentals talk at end of chapter)

The role of our living prophet

14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet

TLP Chapter 7: Studying General Conference Addresses 

Choose any two of the suggested study methods from TLP ch. 7 and apply them as you study these two President Nelson talks. Bring your notes to share.

April 2018:  Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives

October 2017: The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like …?

Practice Study Methods

Tips and Research Tools

Read 5 talks by President Nelson (bring D.A.P. notes for one of these):

April 2017:  Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives

October 2016: Joy and Spiritual Survival

April 2016: The Price of Priesthood Power

January 2016 (Worldwide Devotional):  True Millennials

October 2015: A Plea to My Sisters

Teachings of Russell M. Nelson
TLP Chapter 4: The Quorum of the First Presidency

The Church Is on Course – by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

Quorum keys and responsibilities
KT packet: Oaks

Small and Simple Things

Feb 2014 (BYU-I): Witnesses of God

Life, ministry, and messages of Dallin H. Oaks
KT packet: Eyring

His Spirit to Be With You

Apr 2012: Mountains to Climb

Life, ministry, and messages of Henry B. Eyring
TLP Chapter 5: The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

“Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name” by Elder David A. Bednar

Quorum keys and responsibilities

Aug 2009): “Teaching the Doctrine of the Family,” Julie B. Beck

Deadline to watch family proclamation video on Digital Dialog.

Proclamations and the doctrine of the family
KT packet: Ballard

Precious Gifts from God

May 2014 (CES): Be Still, and Know That I Am God

Life, ministry, and messages of M. Russell Ballard
KT packet: Holland

Be With and Strengthen Them

Sept 2012 (CES): Israel, Isreal God Is Calling

Life, ministry, and messages of Jeffrey R. Holland
KT packet: Uchtdorf

Behold the Man!

Jan 2017 Worldwide Devotional

Life, ministry, and messages of Dieter F. Uchtdorf
KT packet: Bednar

Meek and Lowly of Heart

Sept 2017 (Worldwide Devotional): A Welding Link

Life, ministry, and messages of David A. Bednar
KT packet: Cook

Prepare to Meet God

Sept 2016 (Worldwide Devotional): “Fear Not…”

Life, ministry, and messages of Quentin L. Cook
  KT packet: Christofferson

The Elders Quorum

Jan 2011 (BYU Devotional): Give us this day our daily bread

Life, ministry, and messages of D. Todd Christofferson
KT packet: Andersen

The Prophet of God

Oct. 2011: Children

Life, ministry, and messages of Neil L. Andersen
KT packet: Rasband

Behold! A Royal Army

Sept 2015 (BYU Devotional): Religious Freedom and Fairness for All

Life, ministry, and messages of Ronald A. Rasband
KT packet: Stevenson

The Heart of a Prophet

May 2017 (BYU Women’s Conference): The Knowledge of a Savior(watch!)

Life, ministry, and messages of Gary E. Stevenson
KT packet: Renlund

Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing

April 2015: Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying

Life, ministry, and messages of Dale G. Renlund
  EXAM 2
  TLP Chapter 6: General Conference

An Ensign to the Nations, Jeffrey R. Holland

Preparing for General Conference
  TLP Chapter 3: Succession in the Presidency

Pres. Nelson, “Sustaining the Prophets,” Oct. 2014

Understanding Succession in the Presidency
  Elder Gong bio, link TBA.

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

2014 BYU-H Devotional Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Elder Gong
  Elder Soares bio, link TBA.

Prophets Speak by the Power of His Holy Spirit

April 2015 Yes, We Can and Will Win!

Elder Soares
  ***Family Proclamation Research Project***  

Navigating Social Media Use: Your Children and You

When it comes to monitoring technology at my house, my husband might have used the following terms to describe my approach: “nazi,” “relentless,” and “Russian gulag.” I prefer to think of myself as determined. This is the LEAST favorite aspect of parenting for me right now.

How long have you been on that? What are you looking at? Please turn that off. Give me your phone.


I recently sat down with two admired friends (who I originally met through blogging during my Diapers and Divinity days), and tapped into their expertise about two things:

  1. How to do a better job of walking this world of technology with my children.
  2. How to use my own social media accounts in positive and meaningful ways.

Even though I talked to them long after the microphones were turned off and gleaned so much insight, you can hear some of their sage advice on LDS Perspectives podcast. (Yeah, I got a gig as a very part-time podcaster. It’s been fun.) Check it out at this link, or subscribe to LDS Perspectives podcast for more episodes: