About Me


I’m Stephanie. I’m a mother who blogs for fun, posterity, and therapy. I seek for the divinity in motherhood; I try to share it when I find it, and I try to laugh when I don’t.  I wrote a couple books. I love naps, long walks, good literature, general conference, milk chocolate, a little sarcasm, travel websites, scriptures, sunbeams, my patient husband, and my children (especially when they’re reading quietly). And, ahem, long comma lists.

I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Confused? Go here.), and that is a huge part of my identity and what I like to write about.

I have a looong history of words archived at my old blog, Diapers and Divinity, and you’re welcome to follow my author page on Facebook.

I like to think deeply and keep it real. There’s so much we women have in common, and the more we learn from each other, the easier we fill our God-given roles. So enjoy the blog, chime in, and add to the conversation.



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