Navigating Social Media Use: Your Children and You

When it comes to monitoring technology at my house, my husband might have used the following terms to describe my approach: “nazi,” “relentless,” and “Russian gulag.” I prefer to think of myself as determined. This is the LEAST favorite aspect of parenting for me right now.

How long have you been on that? What are you looking at? Please turn that off. Give me your phone.


I recently sat down with two admired friends (who I originally met through blogging during my Diapers and Divinity days), and tapped into their expertise about two things:

  1. How to do a better job of walking this world of technology with my children.
  2. How to use my own social media accounts in positive and meaningful ways.

Even though I talked to them long after the microphones were turned off and gleaned so much insight, you can hear some of their sage advice on LDS Perspectives podcast. (Yeah, I got a gig as a very part-time podcaster. It’s been fun.) Check it out at this link, or subscribe to LDS Perspectives podcast for more episodes:


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