New Come Follow Me Show

I will be co-hosting a new show at Book of Mormon Central’s YouTube channel with Marianna Richardson. “Come Follow Me: Act in Doctrine” will release every Wednesday, starting on December 23, 2020. Marianna and I will discuss the scripture block for each week by sharing our favorite takeaways, hearing from guests, and challenging one another to apply the the things we’ve learned.

Join us by subscribing to the channel or the playlist for the show. You can also visit this page for updated links to individual episodes. Here’s a peek at our welcome video:

Meet the hosts of “Come Follow Me: Act in Doctrine”



  1. Yay!! We need more women podcast hosts. I am an avid listener of Taylor and Tyler and so excited to add you and Marianna to my queue!!

    And for reference here’s my creepy stalker picture with you from BYU education week last week!😂

    Sending good podcast vibes your way!!




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